A Hot Water Dispenser May be Essential

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You need a hot water dispenser more then you think.

A Hot Water Dispenser is an Essential in Many Kitchens

Can you give up the convenience of the instant hot water dispenser?

Walk into many kitchens today and look carefully at the kitchen sink. You may notice another small faucet on the right or the left of the kitchen sink. The odds are you are looking at an instant Hot Water Dispenser.

If you don’t have one yourself, you might be asking, why would anyone need hot water in an instant? Open you mind a little and we’ll tell you why.

Without an instant hot water dispenser coffee isn't so instant.

Have you ever bought instant coffee, instant hot cocoa, instant soup mix, instant oatmeal, or instant farina? Just how instant are all these products if you have to take five minutes or more just to boil the water? Just how much is five minutes worth to you at crucial times?

How many times have you chosen cold cereal for breakfast when you really wanted a warm oatmeal or farina cereal to start the day but didn’t have the time to boil water? Now you are beginning to see the value of an instant hot water dispenser.

Instant coffee and cocoa are really instant if you don’t have to boil water. My wife adds hot water to her cold orange juice just to warm it up. She says it prevents brain freeze. I wouldn’t know because my brain has been frozen since the sixties. I’m not sure hot water would help that but I do love lots of Herbal teas. Instant hot water lets me enjoy that faster.

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Hot water dispensers come in all kinds of styles. Look for a style that matches your kitchen and you.

Now there is something you should know about these hot water dispensers. Some people love ice cold water as well. Guess what? You can buy a hot water dispenser that will supply you with ice water as well. There are even dispensers for cold water only and filtered water as well.

Since this dispenser is for drinking water only there is nothing to stop you from installing an inline filter just for this faucet.

Most people don’t know that there is a growing body of evidence that fluoridated water may cause the destruction of cellular DNA and cause cancer. Just for fun read your toothpaste labels carefully. Do the words “if swallowed call poison control” worry you? The poison causing this is fluoride.

The point is, if your water supply is fluoridated and you are concerned, get a fluoride moving filter (ordinary filters don’t remove fluoride) for this faucet. Regular filters and fluoride removing filters of course are also great at removing things like arsenic, lead, chlorine, bacteria and other great poisons I personally don’t want to give to my kids or even drink myself.

So, you may have learned that a hot water dispenser or a hot and cold water dispenser may be an indispensable option for your kitchen.

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A Hot Water Dispenser May be Essential

You need a hot water dispenser more then you think.