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Buying an Adjustable Showerhead

An adjustable showerhead is a must. Any showerhead that cannot be adjusted should not even be on your buying options list. Your main question should be, How adjustable do I want my adjustable shower head to be? What type of showerhead do I want?

Consider that e handheld shower may be the ultimate in an adjustable showerhead. You just pick up the handheld shower and aim it at exactly the right spot you want. What could be more adjustable? Many handheld showers can be mounted so they can be directed much like a standard adjustable showerhead. Pick a hand shower that fits into the right cradle and you get to use the showerhead as you would use any fixed adjustable showerhead. In fact many handhelds come with a shower tower mount that allows you to adjust the height of the shower.  So you may actually gain when you choose a hand held shower as your adjustable showerhead choice.

Some people are fixed showerhead purists. When we use the term fixed showerhead here, we are still talking about an adjustable showerhead. By fixed we mean that the showerhead is mounted in one fixed spot. It's still an adjustable showerhead from that fixed position. You still get to adjust the direction of the water from that fixed spot. There are certain advantages to a fixed mounted shower. Who has not experienced a handheld showerhead being dropped and spraying the entire bathroom?

There are thousands of great choices in adjustable showerheads. Multipurpose heads can provide streams of gentle rain, vibrant massage or almost anything in between.

You can get a rain showerhead.  A rain showerhead is wider than the average showerhead. Wider means more nozzles over a larger area. More water over a larger area is a lot more like rain, hence the name, rain showerhead. Rain head type showers started in top of the line designer showers, but you can get them in most price ranges now. Kind of nice.

If you can't make up your mind, or if you want to make everyone in your home happy, why not get a shower kit that combines a fixed adjustable showerhead with a handheld shower model? This is the best showerhead option of all.

The handheld shower in combination with the fixed adjustable shower head is the main idea behind most shower kits and is enormously popular. Some shower kits go so far go so far as to even include side sprays or jets that can enhance your shower even more.  There are plenty of people who choose this option when the build a new bathroom or home.

You get the best of all worlds and you can change your mind as to how to take your shower every day. So the best adjustable showerhead may turn out to be both a handheld shower and a fixed one.

Aquabrass Rain adjustable showerhead

Hansgrohe Adjustable Showerhead

Aquabrass adjustable showerhead

Kohler Multifunction Adjustable Showerhead


From Left to right; Aquabrass Rainhead, Hansgrohe Radiance, Aquabrass Square Rainhead, Kohler Multipurpose Head, California Faucet 76 Jet Showerhead

Santech Handheld adjustable showerhead with slide bar. Santec makes this very popular line of Santec Modena handheld showers. The slide bar lets you adjust the height of the shower. If you use it in fixed shower mode you can get it to spray at just about any angle you want. Of course, you can remove the shower head for even more precision.

Kohler Handheld Adjustable Shower   Classic Kohler Handshower This is about as classic a great hand shower as it gets. Great spray, Great company, Great quality and price. If you just want the basics in a handheld shower, this is a great choice.

 California Faucets Luxury adjustable showerhead   Hansgrohe Designer Line adjustable showerhead

Danze adjustable showerhead   Kohler adjustable showerhead






Adjustable Showerhead