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Apron Sink

How an Apron Sink Will Beautify Your Kitchen.

When you buy an apron sink for your kitchen, you are demonstrating that you care about how your kitchen looks. There are many types of apron sinks and they all have one thing in common, the apron front. For those who don’t know we’ll explain this.

The word apron means the front of the sink is exposed to view. Like an apron that you would wear. Only in this case you want to have an apron front sink because the exposed front will enhance the look of your kitchen.

Apron Sink

As you can see, the front of the apron sink (left) is exposed and meant to be seen. The kitchen sink on the left is a fireclay apron sink made by Franke, a very sought after manufacturer.

Apron sink vessel style

Apron sink hand painted

Apron sink farmhouse doule bowl

Smaller pictures from left to right - Linkasink vessel is considered a type of apron sink since the installed sink will have a visible, beautiful apron, Whitehaus makes a line of handpainted apron sinks. Houzer makes apron sinks in both single and double bowl models.


An apron sink is meant to show off the beauty and quality of its material. Fireclay sinks are almost always apron front sinks, but its uniqueness is in the beauty of the fireclay and in its look and feel.

Another apron sink category is the farmhouse sink. You cannot have a farmhouse sink without an apron front since the farmhouse look requires an apron front.

There are stainless steel apron sinks that are meant to fit in with the stainless steel look kitchen. Granite, fireclay, cast iron, copper and bronze are also highly sought after for the look, color and texture they give to the apron sink. There is a huge selection of colors to choose from when you buy an apron sink which is another reason why it is so popular.

So click on the links below or just browse our web site. You’ll find you’ll have plenty of choices and you will have no problem in getting just the right apron front sink that will give you pleasure for years to come.

Apron Sink Farmhouse   Apron Sink Fireclay   Apron Sink Wall Mounted

Apron Sink Stainless Steel   Blanco Apron Sink


Apron Sink

Apron Sink