Bar faucet - Your health may depend on a bar faucet

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You need a bar faucet

Why You Should Buy A Bar Faucet Right Now.

A bar faucet or a prep faucet may be a lifesaver for you. Even though you don’t have a bar or even a bar sink, you may need one asap. Here are just a few good reasons;

There are three things necessary for healthy living. In priority order, you need clean air, clean water and uncontaminated healthy food.

Clean air.

Remarkably, we’ve come a long way on this subject. We now understand the extreme damage smoking does to us and those around us. We’ve taken major steps to reduce air pollution. It should be obvious that low quality air, the element we need most, can result in low quality health.

Healthy food.

If we are what we eat then too many of us may be soon be ready for the junk heap, because all of the junk food we eat. In the past few years, we’ve seen the trend towards salads, organic, unprocessed foods, and away from dangerous trans fats. Whole food stores are opening everywhere and are in demand. This is a good trend.

Healthy water

No fluoride waterSpring water is selling better than ever, but a growing number of people and scientists have become very concerned about the quality of our tap water. This is the water that comes out of your sink and the water you cook with. Unfortunately, many have come to realize that tap water can actually be dangerous to your health.

New studies are showing that fluoridated water may be responsible for many dangerous diseases including cancer. New studies show that fluoride can attack the DNA itself and cause vital cell structures to crumble. Even government agencies have recently raised the alarm.

Chlorine is used in city municipalities to purify water, Chlorine removes much of the oxygen from water, thereby depriving you from the full amount of oxygen your body may need. Chlorine causes the fish you bring home from the pet store to die. That’s why the fish store asks you to let the water stand a few days before putting the fish in. That's necessary to let the fish killing chlorine evaporate. If it’s no good for fish why would you think it’s good for you? I’ll take my water without poisoning please,

You can check the links on the bottom and google these subjects to learn more, but the most important thing you need to know is how to provide your family and yourself with unfluoridated uncontaminated clean water.

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How Will a Bar faucets provide me with clean water?

Bar faucets, prep faucets, drinking faucets or beverage faucets can easily be mounted on your kitchen sink or on bar or prep sinks. What you need to do is connect that bar faucet to a filter specifically designed to remove fluoride. (typical filters don’t.) I personally know people who have done this and I recommend you do this too.

The addition of a bar or convenience faucet connected to a fluoridation removing filter may be the best health decision you will ever make for your family.

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Bar faucet - Your health may depend on a bar faucet

You need a bar faucet