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Bathroom sink vanities will always be the first item in the bathroom to start looking ragged. The number one reason for this is that the average bathroom vanity looks great when new but deteriorates rapidly because it’s made of cheap pressboard that simply cannot hold up to the daily assault of moisture and water.
So rule number one especially when buying bathroom vanities for your home is buy quality. After all a cheap bathroom vanity that turns into a moldy moisture trap is not a good companion for your bathroom. A nice bathroom sink vanity should be pleasant to your eyes, built to last and match your bathroom décor as well.

bathroom sink vanitiesbathroom vanitiesbath vanities
Here are some great manufacturers of quality bathroom vanities:

belle foret bathroom sink vanities

Belle Foret vanities are made of high quality woods and are inspired take offs of classic country French designs. Look for single bathroom vanities and double bathroom vanities in the Belle Foret line.

kohler bathroom sink vanities

Kohler is a huge company so you’ll find they make lots of bathroom vanities in hard woods and with water resistant finishes so that you’ll be enjoying your Kohler vanity for a while.

suneli bathroom sink vanities

Suneli bathroom vanities are top of the line. Look for Elizabethan, Victorian, Antique and modern bathroom vanities here. If you want a top quality vanity, put a Suneli vanity on the top of your list.

decolav bathroom sink vanities

Decolav is a quality company that makes vanities with their own spin on styling. You’ll find nice bathroom vanities here and you’ll find a nice bathroom vanity to match a vessel type sink. Vessel type sinks (see the photo on the left) are very elegant and used heavily in bathroom vanity designs by decorators and designers.

danze bathroom sink vanities

A Danze vanity is a great choice if you’re looking for a free standing vanity. Danze is a high quality manufacturer of faucets and sinks and that high quality extends to their bathroom vanity line.

whitehaus bathroom sink vanities

Whitehaus is another very high quality manufacturer with a more modern line of bathroom vanities. There is also of course the satisfaction of being able to tell your friends. “The White House didn’t ask me to come to them so I got the Whitehaus to come to me.” Make sure your friends have a sense of humor before using that line. In any case, any Whitehaus product is top of the line.
We’ve taken the trouble to describe what each bathroom vanity manufacturer makes because in general they do not overlap each other in styles. If you want a bathroom vanity that’s just you then it’s your task to look around. You won’t go wrong with any of the above choices especially if you take the time to find exactly what you want.

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Bathroom Sink Vanities

Bathroom furniture. Bathroom sink vanities.