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Blanco Kitchen Sinks

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Blanco America is one of the premiere manufacturers of kitchen sinks both worldwide and here in the USA. Whether you want a Blanco stainless steel kitchen sink or a Blanco granite kitchen sink, you will not be going wrong with Blanco.

Blanco stainless steel kitchen sinks are made with 304 series stainless steel. This is the best possible formulation of stainless steel you can get for a kitchen sink. Without getting too technical this grade of stainless steel mixes chrome for its luster and durability and nickel for its hardness. In short, your Blanco stainless steel sink will look great, live long and make you proud of it for a long time to come.

Blanco granite kitchen sinks are superior to the standard granite sink. Blanco’s granite sinks are superior because they are actually composite kitchen sinks. A Blanco composite kitchen sink is actually eighty percent granite and twenty percent composite through and through. The composite material makes the granite non-porous and hard. The result? A Blanco granite kitchen sink has all the beauty and even the feel of granite yet is far superior for stain and scratch resistance.

Of course, Blanco sinks in stainless steel and composite come in any style you want, whether it’s single bowl kitchen sinks or double bowl sinks that you want. You can even get Blanco farmhouse kitchen sinks and Blanco black kitchen sinks. Other beautiful colors are available as well.

The most popular sellers in Blanco are the Blanco single bowl kitchen sinks but Blanco double bowl models are great sellers too. Blanco double bowl sinks are very useful.

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• Two people can prepare food at the same time with each using their own bowl.
• You can soak dishes on one side while preparing food on the other.
• One side can be used for the main cooking while the other is used for preparation of salads or the like.
• The point is many people find a Blanco double bowl sink far more useful in their kitchen environment

Whether you buy a Blanco stainless steel kitchen sink or a Blanco Composite granite sink you will have a choice of top mount kitchen sink models or many Blanco under mount sinks. Undermount Blanco stainless steel kitchen sinks and composite granite sinks are used for their great integration with higher quality kitchen counters.

There is another nice feature to consider when ordering your Blanco sink. Blanco has many models where the drain is towards the back of the sink rather than in the center. A drain mounted towards the back will give you much more useful space in the cabinet under the sink. Most people never think of that particular advantage so it’s a good thing that the Blanco kitchen sink people have figured it out for us.

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Here are some great photos of a variety of Blanco stainless steel kitchen sinks and Blanco granite composite kitchen sinks. It will give you a taste of the Blanco range of really beautiful sinks.

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Blanco Kitchen Sinks

Blanco Kitchen Sinks