Bronze faucet - Why a bronze faucet is better

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Why a bronze faucet is better

Why Does the Bronze Faucet have an Advantage over Others?

The Bronze faucet looks better to a lot of people and that’s one great reason to choose bronze, but is there an advantage to choosing bronze over say, the standard chrome that most people buy?

Is there any reason why you should choose a bronze faucet for your home? There is, if you can appreciate the unique property of bronze faucets. Bronze looks great when you buy it, but it looks better and better as it ages. That’s right the older it gets the better it looks.

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left to right - Faucets in bronze - Santec Bar Faucet, Cifial Lavatory Faucet, Cifial Kitchen Faucet, Graff Bathroom Faucet, Danze Opulence Oil Rubbed Bronze, Belle Foret Bronze Faucet, Franke Windsor Bronze. Click on photos for more.


Look at any chrome faucet. After years of wear, you might see some chips and marks. Age does that to chrome. Not to bronze! Like a fine wine, a bronze faucet will improve in appearance as it ages, becoming even more prized as the years go by.

You need to know that bronze comes in many shades so if you want to match your bronze faucet to anything bronze in your kitchen, be sure to check the lightness or the darkness of the finish. Buying items from the same manufacturer helps too.

Aged bronze is very prized and that’s why many bronze faucets are sold in “oil rubbed bronze” finish. This finish is generally darker and gives the faucet an older and more classic look. Oil rubbed bronze looks good enough to be in real high demand.

Just about any manufacturer makes bronze faucets, so you don’t have much limitation in your selection or style. Just remember, to watch the different shades if you’ll have many items made out of bronze.

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Bronze faucet - Why a bronze faucet is better

Why a bronze faucet is better