Buying a drop in bathroom sink

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Buying a drop in bathroom sink

Drop in bathroom sink.

A drop in bathroom sink by definition means that it is installed by being inserted through the top of the countertop. The drop in bathroom sink is the most common type of sink for the bathroom or lavatory by far, for many reasons.

With all this said, drop in sinks does not limit your choices as far as décor and style. You can buy these bathroom or lavatory sinks from a selection of any material, price range or style. Whether a sink is top mounted or undermounted, the mounting option has little to do with the quality or beauty of the sink.

Why are the drop in bathroom sinks easier to install?

The main reason is that these bathroom or lavatory sinks are so much easier to install is that top mounts are generally considered as self rimming sinks. This means that the rim of the sink is larger than the counter top opening.

Drop the sink into the countertop and most of the sealing process is mostly done. The top lip of the top mount bathroom sink supports the sink on the bathroom vanity countertop and provides protection from water damage to the unfinished part of the countertop.

Protection from water damage is important. It’s even more important when the bathroom vanity is constructed from press board (as in the most common bathroom vanities bought from the big warehouse type stores.) Pressboard is far more susceptible to water damage and the lip of the top mount bath room sink protects is weakest area.

Some really beautiful drop in bathroom sinks.

While top mount drop in bathroom sinks is a logical choice, buying a top mount does not in any way limit your style choices. You can buy the most stunningly beautiful sinks for your bathroom in both top mount and undermount style.

Kohler drop in bathroom sinkThis is a Kohler Mythical Beasts top mount bathroom sink. The faucets and spout are wall mounted. As you can see, with a sink like this, there is no compromise in looks and style.



This is the most common type of sink used in bathroom sink installations. The faucets are installed through holes predrilled into the sink. It’s very common for people to choose colorful sinks for their bathroom. You can choose from thousands of different faucets to suit your preference.

  Whitehaus drop in bathroom sink

  Kohler drop in bathroom sink

drop in bathroom sink - Kohler 



There is a separate article on vessel sinks, but vessel sinks or basins, as some manufacturers categorize them are top mount sinks as well. There are designers and customers who use vessel sinks in the bathroom. Some bathroom vanities are even designed to support his and her vessel sinks. Vessel sinks have a place in the bathroom, but can also be used all over your home.

drop in bathroom sink vessels

This is a double vessel sink installation. Vessel sinks are a category of their own, but they are closer to a drop in bathroom sink than an undermount.





A beautiful drop in bathroom collection  
Drop in bathroom sink collection - reasonably priced

An unusual Hexagon shaped drop in bathroom sink 



Buying a drop in bathroom sink

Buying a drop in bathroom sink