Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

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Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

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How to buy a Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

1. Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks
Think of a double bowl sink as a multitasking multiprocessor sink. Two different bowls are available for different functions at the same time.
  • You can keep dirty dishes soaking on one side of your kitchen sink while the other side remains clear and available for food preparation.
  • Waste disposal on one side with all other uses on the other.
  • Keep one side for dairy dishes and the other side for meat dishes.
  • Always keep one side free for whatever use you want.
double bowl kitchen sink double bowl kitchen sinks double kitchen sinks

2. Know your bowls
A double bowl sink can have equal size bowls or non equal bowls. Knowing how your double bowl sink will be used will help you choose the right one for you.

double bowl equal bowl sink

double bowl non equal bowl sink

Double Bowl Sinks - Equal Bowls Double Bowl Sinks - Non Equal Bowls
3. Material and practicality
As with any sink, what material is used to manufacture the sink will have everything to do with how easy the sink is to live with and how well the sink will maintain its beauty over the years.
  • Stainless Steel and Cast Iron – Easy to clean and very stain resistant. When buying stainless steel, stay away from 22 gauge sinks which are made of very thin steel and are very noisy during use.
    Stay away from mirror finishes which can scratch very easily and require a lot of care and attention to keep up.
    Look for 18 gauge steel which is a lot thicker. Pay attention to the better brands that also offer sound deadening technology.
    Cast Iron sinks are by nature much quieter than stainless steel sinks. A plus for buying a cast iron sink is that it comes in array of colors to please the eye. You’ll recognize the grand old classic style cast iron sinks but be sure to check out the new cast iron looks for your kitchen.

cast iron sinks

Cast Iron Double Bowl Sinks

Granite and Composite Double Bowl Sinks Nothing matches the look, feel and solidity of a granite sink. Popular colors are black, biscuit and brown. If you want a particular color, watch out as some manufacturers use fancy names for colors. The Blanco Diamond sink (a composite using 80% granite.) does not specify black as a color. They call their black Anthracite (a synonym for coal or black.) Same color with a fancy name.
Composite sinks like the Blanco Diamond give you the beauty of granite (in fact it is 80% granite) while providing you with the scratch and stain resistance of space age materials. This is more practical than standard granite.
Of course if you’re a purist, you know that granite is 100% granite and you don’t want no fancy epoxies and resins in your sink. That’s why we leave the final choice to you.
  • Apron Front Double Bowl Sinks. As you can see from the photo an apron front sink means exactly that. The front of the sink has an apron front that covers the counter. Apron front sinks are also referred to as farmhouse and fire clay sinks.
  • Copper Double Bowl Sinks You cannot do justice to copper sinks in a photo. Copper is simply a beautiful material that’s a pleasure to look at. If you can appreciate this, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of the weathered copper look or a hammered copper sink.ont that covers the counter. Apron front sinks are also referred to as farmhouse and fire clay sinks.
  • Glass Double Bowl Sink As far as I know no one actually makes double bowled glass sinks, probably because glass is too delicate to form this way. People who live with double bowl glass sinks usually buy 2 round single bowl glass sinks or vessel type glass sinks and mount them together. Remember glass is beautiful but delicate.
4. Undercounter double kitchen sinks
Undercounter double kitchen sinks are of course installed from under the counter so they do not have a lip on top. The countertop has to be extremely sturdy because any warping of the counter top will break the seal between the sink and counter. That’s why under counter or under mount kitchen sinks is the first choice for those who have granite, marble or really strong counter tops. Under counter or undermounted sinks should not be used with Formica or pressed wood countertops which will eventually warp and lose the seal between the countertop and the sink.
Undercounter, Under mount or undermount kitchen sinks double bowl
5. Top mounted or drop in double bowl kitchen sinks
Top mounted or drop in double bowl kitchen sinks are the most common type of sink. The kitchen sink is mounted through the top of the counter. These drop in kitchen sinks come complete with a lip that seals the counter hole so the installation will remain leak proof practically forever. In general this should be your first choice. If you have Formica counters this is your only practical choice as Formica or pressboard counters of any kind are unsuitable for undermount sinks.
Top mount double bowl
Top mount corner kitchen sinks
6. Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks
Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks – Before there was stainless steel, cast iron enamel coated sinks were king. Cast iron is “in” again. Cast iron sinks are great for people who want that nostalgic look or for people who love color and are tired of that stainless look. Your mother, (well at least my mother) washed all those dishes and socks in our big old double bowl cast iron sink. This type of sink is also very durable and practical. Cast iron sinks are also very quiet.
Cast iron double bowl
7. Corner Kitchen Sinks
Corner Kitchen Sinks; Of course you can use any smaller sink in the corner, but sinks specially designed for corners come in convenient shapes that are very useful and take maximum advantage of the corner space. Corner sinks are designed to maximize your use of the corner space on your counter.
Corner sink stainless steel


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Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks