Electric Towel warmer

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Electric towel warmer

The Electric Towel Warmer. Warm Towels Whenever You Want.

The electric towel warmer is the simplest way to enjoy toasty towels when you get out of your bath or shower. Warm dry towels is a great low cost luxury that most Americans have not enjoyed till now. Get started now.

The Europeans have been enjoying toasty towels for ages. I first discovered how great warm towels were when I visited London with my wife and got out of the shower.

My cousin, in whose house I stayed, explained that while they were not wealthy at all, warm towels were something every member of the family could enjoy every day. Europeans have always been used to setting their thermostats lower so warm dry towels is so much more important.

Electric towel warmer wall mounted

Electric towel warmer hotel style

From left to right; Wall mounted electric towel warmer, Free standing electric towel warmer, Electric rack warmer, Hotel style Rohl electric towel warmer.




Why should Europeans have all the fun? It’s easy to install an electric towel warmer in your current bathroom because all you need is an outlet. That’s right, a floor standing electric towel warmer needs nothing more than the space on the floor and access to an electric outlet. Most electric towel warmers use no more electricity than the average light bulb.

You can get an electric towel warmer in wall mounted styles that come in plug in or hard wired models. If you’re handy you can install a wall mounted towel warmer yourself (it installs much like a bookshelf) and just plug it in. You’ll need an electrician for hard wired styles. Wall mounted towel warmers take up less space.

A towel rack warmer is even more efficient space wise. These types of shelf warmers are the type you’ll find in the better hotels and you’ll really enjoy them. So pick the electric towel warmer you want today and enjoy the pleasure of hot  or warm towels. You’ll be glad you did every day.


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Electric Towel warmer

Electric towel warmer