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Elkay is OK

Elkay has been around since the 1920’s  so you know Elkay will continue to be around for  a real long time. From low cost to high end, Elkay has the product for you. Still family owned, Elkay is able to instill family values and qualities in the manufacture of all of their products.

Elkay makes a huge range of kitchen sinks as well. They were one of the first companies to introduce the triple bowl kitchen sink which has now been copied by just about every other manufacturer.

When we say Elkay is family owned, that doesn’t mean it’s a small company at all. This is a big family with about 5 thousand employees. Elkay also owns companies that make water coolers. There are over 16 production plants and 14 distribution centers for Elkay.

elkay mystic

Elkay triple bowl

Elkay asana

  elkay harmony

Left to right; Elkay Mystic, Elkay Harmony, Elka Asana, Elkay Harmony Double Bowl

You can see from the photos accompanying this article that Elkay sinks have imaginative styling, innovative shapes and are just great to look at. Top quality doesn’t hurt either. Of course, the Elkay line includes all the standard style sinks as well.

So you can easily put Elkay on your short list for high quality, well designed kitchen sinks or faucets. You’ll be glad you did.

Elkay Harmony  Elkay Gourmet  Elkay Gourmet Lustertone

Elkay Harmony  Elkay Mystic