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Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

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The Secret of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are popular because they more than just beautiful, they’re practical and functional too. But if you’re searching for farm house sinks on the internet you need to learn more about them.
First, farm house sinks is a term that is interchangeable. Some manufacturers call farmhouse sinks Apron Front kitchen sinks. Some refer to them as fireclay kitchen sinks, which is more a reference to the material the sink is made of. Whether you call it farmhouse kitchen sink, farmers sink, apron front sink or fireclay kitchen sink there are set characteristics that identifies a farmhouse sink.
Farmhouse sinks have what is called an apron front. That means that the sinks apron front is visible from the front view as well as the top view common to all sinks.

farmhouse kitchen sinkfarmhouse kitchen sinksfarm house kitchen sinks

large apron farmhouse sink

You can see why this farmhouse kitchen sink is also called apron front sink from this picture.

large apron farmhouse kitchen sink

Here’s a nice variation of the classic farm house apron front kitchen sink. This model includes a handy towel bar in the front.
Fireclay apron front sinks are farmhouse sinks made of a particular material. These sinks are unquestionable beautiful but because of the manufacturing process the final size of a farmhouse fireclay sink can vary by plus or minus two percent. So if you plan to buy a fireclay kitchen sink, don’t allow the countertop to be cut out until you have the actual sink you are going to install in your kitchen.
Farmhouse kitchen sinks give a nice old fashioned look to your kitchen. Remember those great big old sinks Grandma used to use? It’s embarrassing but many children spent years getting bathed in those original farmhouse sinks. We’ve come a long way from the good old days. Grandma never had a farm house apron front sink in modern stainless steel.
If she had a hand painted apron sink it was only because Grandpa painted it. Today, you can get hand painted farmhouse sinks in a variety of designs. Think of a farmhouse sink as a practical statement of your personality.
The following pictures are placed here to give you an idea of the range you have in farm house kitchen sinks. You need to understand that copper farmhouse kitchen sinks can be stainless kitchen sinks, composite kitchen sinks or fireclay kitchen sinks as well.
Most good manufacturers have some kind of farmhouse sink in their lineup. Blanco, Elkay, Kohler all have farmhouse style sinks. Rohl fireclay sinks are handmade and treasured in many kitchens. Be sure to look at Linkasink models. Linkasink kitchen sinks come up in a search for farmhouse or apron front sinks.
In my opinion, Linkasink does not meet my personal expectation of what a classic farmhouse sink is but it exceeds all expectations of what a beautiful sink is. Linkasink is handmade so each and every sink is one of a kind. It’s beyond the standard farmhouse sink and is a sink to be proud of.

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