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What is a Fireclay Sink and Why Do I Want One?

A fireclay sink is the result of a careful process of hand crafting and old fashioned fabrication skills. each fireclay sink has a unique look so it's accurate to say each sink is really a custom sink.

To create the sink, clay is mixed with glazing material and heated to super hot temperatures, (think 2,264 degrees, twice the firing temperature of cast iron.) The result is glazing material that fuses with the clay, hence the name, fireclay sink.

Of course, the creation process is not the reason you want a fireclay sink. You want it for its beauty and distinctive looks. At the same time, the creation process involved with a fireclay sink will result in a very practical and durable sink surface that can take the everyday pounding any kitchen sink will get from a busy household.

Practicality and looks is a great combination.

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The fireclay sink is a bolder option than the granite sink. It adds a style that's absolutely unique to fireclay. If you are creating a country style kitchen you should be looking at these sinks first. You can buy them in a nice selection of colors, typically white, biscuit or brown. Because fireclay looks so good, you’ll find that most fireclay sinks have an apron style front. A fireclay sink is meant to be seen.

That’s not all. These sinks come in embossed models and are available with hand painting on the apron front as well. So your fireclay sink can be dramatically different than any other kind of sink you can buy.

For a look at some great fireclay sinks. Look at Rohl, Whitehaus, Kohler and Franke.



Fireclay Sink Kitchen

Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sinks