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Granite Sink

Buying a Granite Sink for Your Kitchen

A granite sink is a sink meant to be prized in your kitchen. Like a diamond, beautiful granite stone in the right setting will make you and your kitchen shine. Just as wearing great clothes makes you feel great, so does walking into a kitchen and seeing that gorgeous granite sink. You don’t even have to turn on the faucet to get pleasure from the sink.

Most granite sinks are not made of 100% granite and that’s a good thing. By nature granite is stone and all raw stone has several disadvantages. Stone is subject to stains and stone can also be easily scratched by the common abrasive cleaners used on the average kitchen sink.

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Left to Right; Blanco single bowl, Blanco double bowl, Franke Mythos, Kindred granite, Blanco Performa.

Manufacturers want you to be happy, so the solution to the disadvantages of raw granite is mixing the granite with composite material. You end up with a sink that has typically 80% granite mixed in with high tech materials that add strength and scratch resistance.

The result? The sink looks and feels like 100% granite, yet has scratch and stain resistance rivaling the most modern sink materials. The granite is stronger too, so the manufacturer can easily warrantee it against cracks. Your sink looks great, works great and does not require the kid glove treatment.

A granite sink will usually have the option to be installed as either an undermount or top mount sink. Sometimes the type of installation will require different counter cutouts and installation instructions so make sure the right instructions are followed for the right installation.

There are single bowl and double bowl versions available so you have plenty of flexibility when choosing a granite sink.

Look to Blanco, Kindred, Franke, Lansen for a nice selection of granite sinks


Granite Sink

Granite Sink