How To Choose a Kitchen Sink

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How To Choose a Kitchen Sink

How to Choose the Best Sinks For Your Kitchen.

Choosing the best sinks for your kitchen before you actually build it is the smartest way to design your kitchen. This way you can get the sink you want most and design the countertop to house it.

Of course, you need to know which kind of sink works for you from a functioning point of view. Is the best sink for your kitchen a single bowl double bowl or a triple bowl sink? Do you need a super large sink or multiple smaller sinks?

If your kitchen has an island, do you want a prep sink for that? Will you use your kitchen to entertain guests? All these factors should be considered before reaching your final decisions.

Double Bowl kitchen Sink

Triple Bowl Kohler

Linkasink vessel sink Prep sink

Double bowl Blanco Performa, Triple bowl Kohler Trieste,

Here are different types of sinks used in modern kitchens;

Single, double, or triple bowls. These are the best main sinks in a kitchen and the workhorse of kitchen sinks. Any other sinks you purchase should be in addition to these mainstays.

If you have a large kitchen and you plan to entertain guests in it, you should strongly consider getting a prep sink. These can be used as auxiliary sinks, allowing more people to prepare foods in the kitchen at the same time. Throw in some drinks and ice and you’ve got a great serving center for a party.

Vessel sinks work almost anywhere in the home including your kitchen. These sinks can be very beautiful and their compact size makes them perfect to fit into an alcove or corner. I’ve seen people dedicate vessel sinks to hand washing in the kitchen, the dining room and in the hallway.

In the same way, there is no fast rule keeping you from using bar sinks in the kitchen. Many bar sinks are so creatively shaped, they can be used anywhere. Don’t let a label restrict your imagination. It was innovative thinking that created the best sinks for your kitchen in the first place.



How To Choose a Kitchen Sink

How To Choose a Kitchen Sink