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Learn About Iron Chef Equipment You Can Own At Home

You can’t become an iron chef without the right kitchen equipment. You’re going to need a great kitchen faucet and a great kitchen sink whether your cooking is good enough to be the next iron chef or if you’re just trying recipes from Emeril Live. The fact is that the iron chef America program has a devoted following of people who have learned that cooking is a fun sport.

The best part of being a cooking enthusiast is that after you whip up that batch of good eats, everybody tells you how wonderful it is. So, whether you’re making quick fix meals, extreme cuisine or you’re making dishes that only food detectives can figure out, you’ll do it best with the proper kitchen equipment.

Maybe you’ll never be battling on Iron Chef America, but you certainly can win at being the iron chef in your home. There may be no money to be won at home, but love and compliments is a great reason for you to become the iron chef in your own neighborhood.

This article is all about kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks and other kitchen equipment that will improve your life in the kitchen. If you’re a professional you know a lot of this stuff already, but let’s face it, most of us are still learning.

Kitchen Sink Basics

There are separate articles on this site detailing the advantages of single bowl kitchen sinks and double bowl kitchen sinks. If you’re cooking a lot and need the ability to multitask at your sink a double bowl or triple bowl kitchen sink is probably right for you.

If you don’t want to sacrifice the large bowl consider an unequal double bowl kitchen sink. In English, that means the main bowl is large, while the smaller bowl is perfect for food preparation. Like peeling vegetable and washing fruits. Add a good waste disposal like something from Insinkerator or Franke and you’ll find it very easy to get rid of those peels in an environmentally conscious and frankly, more convenient way.

A stainless steel kitchen sink is easiest to clean but you are by no means restricted to stainless steel sinks only. I happen to love composite granite sinks like the Blanco Diamond line. They are stunningly beautiful and feel like granite. They are superior to granite because they are far more stain resistant, scratch resistant and durable.

Pot filler kitchen faucetKitchen Faucets – You need to know about pot filler faucets. These best of these spectacular faucets swivel and extend enough to fill up pots on the nearby counters. I think pot filler kitchen faucets must be an essential kitchen item for the serious chef or cook.


Pull out kitchen sinkThe next level of pot filler kitchen faucets feature faucets that will reach high enough to clear the top of your tallest pot. In a pinch, a pullout sink or an accessory spray will serve as well. Your taste and budget has to be the final arbiter of what you choose.


Kitchen Sink Accessories



Colander – The pros know to use colanders especially when preparing pasta dishes. A colander is a big bowl with handles on the top and holes throughout the bowl. Think of it as a sieve for food which is what it is. You pour the pasta with the hot water into the colander that you have placed in the sink. The water drains safely, you don’t get serious burns, and everybody gets to eat. Colanders are useful.

Colanders come in handy for cleaning beans, lentils and legumes. You can drain washed vegetables in them too. When no one is           looking you can drain canned vegetables (canned vegetables for the next iron chef?) in them.

sink gridSink Grids

One of those items you can’t live without once you’ve experienced them. Sink grids allow your sink to drain even when loaded with dishes. If you have an expensive sink, a sink grid will protect the sink from getting damaged by heavy pots or scratched by utensils.

sink strainerSink Strainers – Never use a sink without a sink strainer. You don’t want beans, diamond rings and wedding bands going down the drain and forcing you to call a plumber. A sink strainer is cheap but very vital.



cutting boardCutting boards – Protect your countertops while cutting those vegetables or preparing those salads. Cutting boards have become a must have accessory for every kitchen.


Not essential but handy. Pot racks are handy items to keep clutter out of the kitchen and keep pots easily available. A soap dispenser is becoming more common in kitchens today. Think of backsplash hangars and hooks as well. I also love hot water dispensers that allow for instant hot water. Great for French press coffee, instant soups (ugh) and tea.

So enjoy Iron Chef America on TV. Enjoy being the Iron chef for your family. Let’s face it. Cooking with the right equipment makes cooking easy and fun, even if you are never officially crowned iron chef.


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