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How to Buy a Kitchen Corner Sink

When Should You Consider a Kitchen Corner Sink?

I personally have two kitchen corner sinks in my kitchen and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in designing my kitchen. I’ve chosen the kitchen corner sink for a simple reason. My kitchen space is limited and by placing these sinks in the corners, I have so much more usable counter space available to me.

By utilizing the corners of the countertop for sink space, you gain a lot. Corner space is nowhere near as usable as counter space as straight runs of counter space. Yet, it is easy to work with a kitchen corner sink, and I love the counter space it frees up. I can write a lot more about this but by this time, you get the idea.

Kitchen corner sink

Kohler corner kitchen sink

  Blanco kitchen corner sink

Franke kitchen corner sink

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There are different ways to install sinks in the corner. My home kitchen has two full size sinks in two opposite corners. I can do this because I deliberately chose to cut the corner countertops at a 45 degree angle to accommodate those full size sinks. My family has lived with this setup for 10 years and they love it.

Not everyone uses this method. Most people use smaller kitchen sinks in the corners. Another great option that has become very popular is the double kitchen corner sink. These are two sinks connected at right angles designed to be installed into corners while best maximizing space.

Let’s review the corner kitchen sink suggested guidelines;

Try to install the largest kitchen sink you can in the corner. If you need two sinks, you can use two corners.

You can use the specially designed double kitchen corner sinks. This is especially valuable if you only want to give up only one corner of your kitchen.

There’s a reason why we call these suggestions guidelines. Corners can be used in any way you can imagine.  Any kind of sinks that fits in the corner is usable. Round sinks, prep sinks, bar sinks etc. Whatever works for you is fine even it is not an official corner kitchen sink.


Kitchen Corner Sinks

Kitchen Corner Sink

How to Buy a Kitchen Corner Sink