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How To Buy a kitchen faucet

Kitchen Faucet Facts for Everyone

The kitchen faucet is most likely to be the most heavily used faucet in the house. It certainly will be used for more purposes than any other faucet in the home. It’s important to your options before choosing your next kitchen faucet, whether your building a new kitchen or just replacing your old faucet. Remember, your kitchen faucet by definition will be a very multipurpose faucet.

The kitchen faucet as a dishwasher. Even if you have a separate dishwasher, there will be occasions where you will wash dishes and glasses in your kitchen sink. Do consider a faucet with a sprayer. A sprayer is a huge convenience in washing off those dirty plates and utensils.

The kitchen faucet in cooking.  Sooner or lateryou’re going to be filling pots with water for cooking purposes, so if you may end up with tall pots you should consider kitchen faucets with spouts that raise up high enough to clear the top of the pot. You can use a sprayer for this purpose but holding down the lever on the sprayer will eventually get you tired pretty fast.

Some basic considerations before buying a kitchen faucet.

·         A two handle kitchen faucet is something to choose particularly if you want a particular style like a vintage style faucet and sink. You give up some of the flexibility of a single handle control sink but you do get those classic looks.

·         A single handle kitchen faucet also known as asingle lever kitchen faucet has become extremely popular. You need only one hand to control the water flow and the temperature of a single handle kitchen faucet.

·         Make sure the faucet spout reaches the center of the sink. If you have a double bowl kitchen sink, make sure the spout reaches the center of each bowl.

·         The height of the spout is very important. A standard spout is three to five inches high. Generally, high spout models run about eight to ten inches high.

People who do a lot of cooking should consider a pot filler kitchen faucet with articulating arms. These faucets can be maneuvered into position to fill pots on nearby kitchen counters as well as pots in your kitchen sinks. See the article “kitchen faucets for heavy duty cooks” for more on pot filler kitchen faucets.

The pull out kitchen faucet. In this sink the spout can be used normally, yet it doubles as a sprayer. See the article “Single control and pull out kitchen faucets"

There are some companies that have built their reputations on single control kitchen sinks. Look at Moen, Aquabrass, Blanco, Cucina, Elkay, Price Pfister, Whitehaus and Kohler for a great variety of styles and great products.

A selection of two handle kitchen faucets.

Some top of the line single control kitchen faucets.

Articulating arm pot filler kitchen faucets are very popular with serious cooks, people with large families and home based caterers.

Kohler Single control Kitchen faucets.

Cucina, a very popular quality brand. Cucina kitchen faucets are known for their Italian style looks and great quality.

Aquabrass faucets marries high style to function. It’s a consistent seller and one of those brands people rave about. It looks and works great.

Elkay faucets. You’ll have a varied selection of faucets at reasonable prices in theElkay faucet line.

Whitehaus pull out spray kitchen faucet models are beautiful and really well made. Whitehaus is a great premium brand of quality faucets.


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Kitchen faucet - How To Buy a kitchen faucet

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