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kitchen sink bowl

Why the kitchen sink bowl has to be the first decision you make.

What kitchen sink bowl should you buy, is the very first decision you need to make when buying your new kitchen sink. Most people replace their kitchen sink bowl with the same thing they had before, but the purpose of this article is to expose you to more choices, so that when you make the final decision, it will be an informed one.

Much like in the electronics world, there has been a lot of innovation in kitchen sink design and most of it has been in the kitchen sink bowl format. So here is a basic run down of your kitchen sink bowl choices.

Single Bowl sink. It’s hard for most of us to imagine, but indoor plumbing did not even exist for the average family until the early 1930’s. Most families didn’t get indoor plumbing until decades later. There was only one kind of sink to buy and that was the single bowl sink.

The single kitchen sink bowl is still a great choice if that’s what you need. Single bowls can be had with huge bowl capacities and if that’s what you need that’s what you should get. Of course some people prefer smaller or round bowls in their kitchen and when a smaller bowl is your choice it doesn’t make sense to buy anything except for a singe bowl sink.

Single kitchen sink bowl apron front

Kitchen sink bowl copper and round

kitchen sink bowl dawn

Single kitchen sink bowl models, left to right - Apron front high capacity, round copper, undermount stainless sink by Dawn. Click on the photos to see more.

Double Bowl sink. Just as computers use parallel processors, so does the double bowl sink allow you to do two tasks at once. For instance, you can soak dishes or pots on one side of the sink while keeping the other side free to do the actual washing.

This becomes even more useful if you use a waste disposer. You get to keep the waste disposer side of the sink free, so that tasks like soaking dishes or pots does not block your access to this extremely useful appliance.

Kitchen sink bowl double top mount

double kitchen sink bowl undermount

Blanco kitchen sink bowl

Kitchen sink bowl double but unequal

Double sink bowl models from left to right - Dawn top mount stainless, Dawn undermount stainless, Blanco performa undermount equal bowls, Blanco performa granite unequal bowls.

Triple Bowl sink. This offers the ability to do even more tasks at the same time. Usually, the third bowl is smaller and dedicated to the waste disposer or used as a food preparation sink. You’ll find these triple bowl sinks in the latest kitchens as designers love both the functionality and the look of triple bowl sinks.

Blanco triple kitchen sink bowl spex

Kohler undermount triple kitchen sink bowl triple kitchen sink bowl

Triple bowl sink models, left to right - Blanco Spex, Kohler Undertone, Franke Regatta

Of course, you get to make the final decision as to which kitchen sink bowl is best for you, but having the choice and understanding the choices will allow you to have the most satisfying kitchen sink for your home.

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kitchen sink bowl

kitchen sink bowl