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How to choose a pedestal sink

I love the bathroom pedestal sink.

I grew up in a home with a bathroom pedestal sink in each bathroom. Those bathroom sinks pedestal style were admired by all our guests but at the time we took those bathroom sinks for granted. After all, we never even knew there was another kind of bathroom sink.

I got married in 1980 and in the process of apartment hunting I had an epiphany. The classic bathroom pedestal sink I grew up with was not the standard bathroom sink anymore. I would have to settle with a bathroom vanity with a top mounted bathroom sink.

AS bathroom pedestal sink

Decolav bathroom pedestal sink

Whitehaus bathroom pedestal sink

Kohler bathroom pedestal sink






From left to right; The bathroom pedestal sink by American Standard, Kohler (serif), Decolav, Mansfield, Whitehaus, Kohler (Bancroft)

Now there is nothing wrong with the standard bathroom sink. The bathroom vanity makes for a great storage place, Toilet paper, tissues, feminine products, mens shavers and razors. All of these are appropriate to store in a bathroom vanity. But if you have a bathroom that you want to be great looking and especially if you have the space in your bathroom, the bathroom pedestal sink is the choice for you.

Note that a bathroom pedestal sink is typically sold as the bathroom pedestal sink and a separate pedestal. Choose a pedestal that matches the pedestal sink. For example an Aberdeen pedestal is the required match for an Aberdeen pedestal sink (Aberdeen is a collection from Elizabethan Classics.) One particular pedestal may be correct for multiple pedestal sinks. That’s why they are sold as separate parts. If you find these choices dizzying, just call Décor Island at 800-449-5919. Our knowledgeable experts will help you choose the combination you love.

If you want a Victorian style bathroom you should be considering a free standing tub matched with the right bathroom pedestal sink. You can get a separate Victorian style cabinet for storage in the bathroom for all those must store items. You need room for all this but of course if you have one of those city style bathrooms with not much more room than a telephone booth you cannot go for stylish.

I know most people haven’t seen a classic telephone booth for a long time. See the 1950’s version of the superman TV series or superman comics through the 70’s to see pictures of telephone booths. You may also want to see the outside of the Dr. Who Tardis, which is about the same size.

Much like the Tardis, bathroom sinks pedestal style, are simply beautiful, classy and stylish. Since they really don’t cost more, it’s not much of a sacrifice. So if you have the space for it and you love the looks, the bathroom pedestal sink is the bathroom sink for you.

One little secret about pedestals. They have a definite purpose. They cover up the pipes and drain mounted below the bathroom sink. Pedestals don’t just make your bathroom much nicer they hide the unattractive pipes from view.

Who really cares about the secret purposes of pedestals anyways? They look great. They are absolutely in style today and because they are classics they will always be in style.

Long live the bathroom pedestal sink!

Pedestal sink - Buy a bathroom pedestal sink

How to choose a pedestal sink