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Prep Sink

What is a prep sink and how do I use one?

The prep sink is one of the latest trends in kitchens. Everyone seems to be putting a prep sink into their kitchen. You may or may not want to do so, but at least you should know what it is and what it does.

By definition a prep sink is separate from your main kitchen sink. Typically, these are high style sinks that are meant to be at the center of a party at your home.

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Left to right; Prep sink - Kohler Bordelaise, Prep sink - Elkay Mystic, Kohler - Undertone Trough, Franke - Beach.

Are you serving cold beers? Fill up your prep sink with ice and beer. You won’t be interfering with the function of your main sink and it’s extremely convenient. You’ll have no mess getting rid of the ice. It’ll just disappear down the drain as it melts.

Serving premixed drinks? Place them in the prep sink to keep them chilled and available for all your guests.

I’ve seen prep sinks loaded with fresh fruits, chilled wine, even lemon and lime wedges (the Franke beach model is practically designed to support wedges.) so it wouldn’t be wrong to call a prep sink an entertainment sink.

But it can be so much more. As a second sink in the kitchen it’s perfect for multitasking. Some people dedicate their prep sink as their food preparation sink which is a nice thought. The food never comes in contact with a sink that was used for washing dishes or other heavy duty work.

Even if you don’t entertain every day, you might have terrific uses for a prep sink. Large family? Let the kids prep the food at the prep sink. Do you have an island counter in the kitchen? An extra prep sink on the island will come in handy. The small sink is practical yet will leave you with plenty of counter space.

If your building a new kitchen, you’ll never regret installing a prep sink.

Prep Sinks in Many Styles  Kohler Undertone Prep Sink

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Prep Sink

Prep Sink