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Why buy a pull out faucet?

The pull out faucet combines the advantages of the sprayer and faucet in a superior way.  The pull out faucet can be a one handle control, (This is most common) or a two handle control. Whichever version you choose the pull out feature adds features not available in any other faucet.

 The pull out faucet is superior to a standard single handle kitchen faucet with a separate sprayer for the following reasons


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Most pull out faucets, especially the single handle control feature cartridge technology which is far superior to old fashioned gaskets and seals that have to wear out and need constant changing. Cartridges have huge life spans compared to older gasket technology and are durable and reliable. Any kind of cartridge is superior to gaskets but the highest quality faucets feature ceramic cartridges.

The pull out faucet also makes it far easier to fill tall pots, whether they are in or at the side of the sink. It’s a reasonable substitute for a pot filler faucet. Kind of like an all purpose, all season sink.

You can buy pull a pull out faucet at reasonable prices and it’s a convenient feature that you’ll really enjoy as you use it. So why deprive yourself?

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