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Shower Kit

Buying A Shower Kit is a Great Solution

A Shower kit is hands down the single best way to get everything you want in a shower in a coordinated manner. A typical shower kit includes a handheld showerhead and a fixed showerhead. You’ll usually get matching faucets and the appropriate valves and diverters you may need. Many shower kits include side jets or nozzle sprays too. Some version of temperature control is either optional or mandatory depending on the shower kit you buy.

Each part will work with the other so you don’t have to worry about incompatibilities.

Look at the specifications to check and see just what each  shower kit contains.

A Shower kit will give you the most for your money and will remove the headache of figuring out if a particular faucet or shower head will work in your bathroom. In my opinion, choosing the right shower kit is the best way for almost everyone. Your showers will perform well and of course both you and your family will be pleased.

Hansgrohe Shower KitHansgrohe Metro shower kit Hansgrohe is very popular and it includes top of the line Hansgrohe products. You get thermostatic temperature control, anti scald feature. Two showerheads, 1 fixed adjustable showerhead and 1 handheld with shower tower from the Hansgrohe Raindance collection. A wall bar that lets you adjust the height of the handheld showerhead. Three body jets add to this luxurious shower kit. What more could you want?


  Cifial shower kit

Cifial Techno Shower Kit   Cifial is a terrific company with great products. Its shower kits are very popular with consumers who have learned that Cifial can be depended upon for quality and beauty. A handheld showerhead with a shower tower and an adjustable showerhead fixed version, gives you everything you could want in a shower.




Kohler Shower Kit  Kohler may be an old company but they make some really top of the line and great looking shower kits. Notice the design of the side sprays, side jets here. Notice the adjustable showerhead and the shower tower. You get top quality and top design with Kohler.

Hansgrohe Shower Kit   Hansgrohe makes top of the line products with designer styling.


Cifial Shower Kits  Moen Shower Kits





Shower Kit

Shower Kit