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The Single Handle Kitchen Faucet.

If there has been a great trend toward a particular type of kitchen faucets, the single handle kitchen faucet would be that trend. One handle controls both the hot and cold water and that makes it easy to regulate the water pressure and temperature.

You only need one hand to control the temperature and the flow rate of the water so your other hand is free for any use.

The single handle kitchen faucet come in all price ranges and styles. The most common pull out faucet is a single handle kitchen faucet. A single handle kitchen faucet with a separate sprayer for the following reasons;

·         Only one hand is necessary to control the force of the water and the temperature, so it’s quicker and easier to make changes.

·         A single handle kitchen faucet features cartridge technology, which is far more reliable than gasket technology. Cartridges seem to last forever.

Companies like Delta, Moen, Peerless and Danze have become synonymous with the single handle kitchen faucet, but you should be aware that there is no shortage of great manufacturers to choose from. Look to Kohler, Price Pfister, Aquabrass, Belle Foret, Franke, Rohl and Hansgrohe. Some of these lines feature incredible styling and you’ll be sure to find something that pleases you.

Do take the trouble to buy a single handle kitchen faucet with the optional sprayer. It adds very little to the cost and it pays off big time in convenience.

Danze opulence single handle faucet Aquabrass single handle kitchen faucetMoen single handle kitchen faucet





from left to right; Danze Opulence, Aquabrass Lady Chef and Moen Camerist

Cucina Single handle kitchen FaucetCucina is a company that specializes in Italian style faucets. If you’re in the market for an Italian style single handle kitchen faucet, look at the Cucina line. You will find a well made and stylish pull out spray kitchen faucet that’s just right for you.

Cucina makes a single handle kitchen faucet to suit any need.


Moen Chateau Single Handle Kitchen FaucetMoen single handle kitchen faucets are one of the most popular kitchen faucet lines you can buy. Moen is known for its quality faucets and cartridges.

 Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet



Danze Parma Single Handle kitchen FaucetA Danze single handle kitchen faucet is another high quality choice for your home. Most of the Danze kitchen faucet line have high clearances so you won’t even have to pull them out to fill pots in your sink. Danze pull out faucets are one of the best selling line of faucets for kitchens.

Danze Sirius Single Handle Kitchen Faucet



Aqua Brass Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, Great Styling Great Function.

Brizo Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, Top of the Line

Blanco Single Handle Faucet - Very Popular and Very Good

Franke Single Handle - Very Sought After and High Quality

KWC Single Handle - High Value and quality

 Rohl - Another Top of the line brand

Whitehaus Single Handle - Whitehaus is a capitol idea - Top Quality Line

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet