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Stainless Kitchen Sink

How to buy a stainless kitchen sink


Stainless Kitchen Sinks

The stainless kitchen sink and the double stainless steel kitchen sink  are by far is the single most popular type of kitchen sinks. With good reason. Stainless kitchen sinks last long, look great and stay good looking as the years go by. A stainless steel kitchen sink is ideal for the majority of homes.

Every time I write about the stainless steel kitchen sink, I remind people to check the gauge (thickness) of the stainless steel used in the manufacture of the sink they buy. Gauge, for some mysterious reason, works opposite of normal logic. 24 gauge stainless steel is very thin while 18 gauge is thicker as in the LOWER the number the thicker the steel is. 18 gauge is my recommended thickness for residential use. This is even more important if you’re buying a double stainless steel kitchen sink.

A quality stainless kitchen sink has a mix of chrome and nickel in the material to enhance the finish and durability. Stainless steel sinks are noisier by nature (the thinner the metal the louder the noise.) That’s why all the better stainless steel kitchen sinks have sound deadening material sprayed on their undersides.

You can buy top mount drop in styles of stainless steel kitchen sinks. There are undermount stainless kitchen sinks, double bowl sink styles, triple bowl sink styles, farmhouse stainless steel kitchen sinks and stainless steel bar or prep sinks.

As far as I can tell there is no style or type of sink that does not have a stainless steel version. That’s because the consumer has voted with their wallets. Stainless steel is the number one top selling material by far for any sink on the planet. Dollar per dollar you get maximum value from a stainless steel kitchen sink.

Look for stainless steel single bowl kitchen sinks, double stainless steel kitchen sinks, (double bowl) and triple bowl sinks, in under mount and drop in kitchen sink styles. Some of the classic stainless steel kitchen sink brands are Blanco, Elkay, Houzer, Kohler and Kindred. Hamat is one of only four manufacturers worldwide that controls the entire stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturing from beginning to end. Don’t forget high quality brands like Whitehaus, Moen and Suneli.

A double stainless steel kitchen sink means that the sink has two bowls. That’s like a computer with two different processors. You can do more with it. Like soak cruddy pots on one side while you prepare dinner on the other.

Décor Island gives you a huge choice of just about any kitchen sink imaginable. Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel kitchen sink or a double stainless steel kitchen sink or any sink you can imagine, check out our web site or call us at 800 449-5919. Our experts are waiting to give you great service.




Stainless steel single bowl sinks

Undermount double bowl stainless steel sinks

Stainless steel triple bowl sinks

A Suneli undermount stainless steel triple bowl kitchen sinks


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A really nice stainless steel farmhouse sink by Houzer

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Stainless Kitchen sink | Buying a stainless kitchen sink

Stainless Kitchen Sink