The single kitchen sink

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The single kitchen sink

The Single Kitchen Sink.

A single kitchen sink, also known as a single bowl kitchen sink is the single most sought kitchen sink of all. The single kitchen sink is the original standard for the kitchen. All other variations such as double bowls and triple bowl sinks are useful choices for those who want more than a single bowl kitchen sink.

You can get every variation there is in kitchen sinks in single kitchen sink models. Stainless steel, cast iron, granite, copper, these options are all available in single and double kitchen sinks.

The single most sold kitchen sink no matter how many bowls is stainless steel. If this is your choice, my recommendation is to choose an 18 gauge sink. Gauge refers to the thickness of the steel and the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel. 35 gauge is tin foil thin while 18 gauge is solid.

If you want color in your single kitchen sink, consider cast iron, copper, granite, composite or bronze. Cast iron and granite sinks come in a wide variety of colors.

Cast Iron single kitchen sink

Single kitchen sink stainless steel

single kitchen sink granite

single kitchen sink copper

single kitchen sink bronze

single kitchen sink farmhouse




From left to right; Single kitchen sink in cast iron, stainless steel, granite, copper and bronze. The Farmhouse sink on the right can come in most materials.

If what you want is a granite sink, you should know that most granite sinks are really composite sinks which are typically 80% granite mixed with high tech materials. Composites look and feel exactly like granite but have superior stain and scratch resistance compared to 100% granite

Copper sinks are stunningly beautiful. Some people love the look of copper as it ages, (it is uniquely beautiful, much like aged leather,) but for some, they will require a little extra tender loving care. Only you know your preference. You can always add a copper single kitchen sink to be used as a hand washing sink as well (light duty.) You’ll have the convenience of the great looks and a very functional sink.

So, you now know that you can get just about any kind of single bowl kitchen sink you want. Don’t forget, if you need help making your final choices, the experts at are only a phone call away. Call us at 800 440-5919.

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The single kitchen sink

The single kitchen sink