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towel warmer wall mount

The Towel Warmer Wall Mounted Model. Always There for You.

The wall mount towel warmer is one of the great affordable luxuries both you and your spouse will enjoy every day.  There is nothing like that great feeling of being pampered drying out off with a cozy warm towel.

A wall mounted towel warmer requires a little more installation than a free standing plug in, but once installed you will enjoy it for years to come. As a gift it’s a gift that keeps on giving. No one gets tired of delicious hot towels.

A towel warmer that’s wall mounted gives a solid feeling and is best to have hard wired in. You’ll need an electrician for the hard wiring, though there are plug in wall mounted models.

towel warmer wall mounted Jeeves

Towel warmer wall mount warmrails

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From left to right; Amba Jeeves towel warmer wall mount, Warmrails towel warmer wall mount, Rohl towel warmer wall mount shelf hotel style, Warmrails towel warmer shelf style.

The towel warmer wall mount models that are sold most use electric elements. Since electric models are only on for short periods of time, the cost of use stays low and the cost of installation is reasonable.

Towel warmers in wall mount styles require less space, so they work in almost any size bathroom. If you want even more space efficiency, you can get a towel rack warmer model. This is simply a shelf model. It takes up very little space, but gives you the benefit of warm towels.

Warmrails, Myson and Amba (Jeeves) are by far the most well known wall mounted towel warmer lines and you’ll be happy with any of their products. The Amba Jeeves  line is considered top of the line and their products emphasize great looks and heavy duty construction.

You can’t go wrong with any of these brands of towel warmer in wall mounted styles.

Warmrails towel warmer wall mounts  Myson towel warmer wall mount

Amba Jeeves towel warmer wall mounts

Towel warmer wall mount

towel warmer wall mount