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The Towel Warmer. Warm Dry Towels Every Morning.

The towel warmer is one of the great gifts you can give to your spouse. If you don’t have a spouse, well it’s one of the great treats you can buy for yourself. There is nothing like that luxurious feeling of getting out of the shower or bath and getting to dry off with a warm dry towel.

Unlike most gifts, the towel warmer is something you can enjoy every day. So every time your spouse uses a towel, they’ll remind themselves of the warmth you’ve given them. What kind of gift could be better?

Different types of towel warmers.

The most commonly bought towel warmer is electrically heated. You turn it on before you take your shower and by the time you’re ready to use your towels, they are nice and toasty. Umm, Umm good.

Electrics are very efficient since they are only in use for short periods of time. A plug in model is extremely easy to install. If you can plug it in, you can install it. The next step up is a hard wired model. You’ll probably need an electrician to do the hard wiring, but once up it’s really simple to use.

  Wall mounted towel warmer Jeeves

  Towel warmer free standing

  Towel warmer plug in

Towel rack warmer shelf 



From left to right; Jeeves wall mounted towel warmer, Warmrails free standing towel warmer, plug in towel warmer, towel rack warmer shelf.

Floor standing models can be moved around as needed, and if Mom or Dad comes to visit, you can always make the decision to move the towel warmer to the guest bathroom. What a great touch to show them that you love them!

A wall mounted towel warmer is a more permanent installation and will stay solidly in one place. A little more installation is involved but most people feel it’s worth it. A wall mounted towel warmer can also come as a towel rack warmer or towel shelf model. A towel rack warmer or towel shelf warmer will work very well in smaller bathrooms since they use space so much more efficiently.

Popular Brands

Warmrails, has a great product line starting at very reasonable prices, Myson is another great towel warmer manufacturer. Amba makes the Jeeves line of warmers which is known as the BMW or Mercedes of towel warmers.

Any of these choices are great. You’ll enjoy the luxury of warm towels for many years to come.






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Towel warmer

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