Triple Sink

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Triple Sink

Why a Triple Sink in Your Kitchen?

Why are people buying the triple sink for their main kitchen sink? It’s actually has become quite popular in the past few years.

Many people buy double bowl sinks as a multitasking sink. You can keep dishes soaking on one side while you can rinse them off on the other. Or you can use the second side for food prep. In the same way a triple sink allows a third task to be done concurrently at the kitchen sink.

Most commonly, the third side of the triple sink is used as the drain with the waste disposer installed. Thus the waste disposer is never blocked with dishes or pans and is always available for use.

Tiple sink - Kohler

triple sink - franke triple sink - Elkay Lustre






Left to right; Triple sinks by Kohler, Franke and Elkay

It’s also the perfect 1 2 3 punch of kitchen sinks. Dump the organic waste into the disposer that’s never blocked. Soak the dishes on one side. Rinse them off on the other. Touchdown triple sink!

It’s for that reason that you’ll mostly find that the third partition to the triple sink is usually a small one. You don’t need much of an area free to put things down the waste disposer.

Other advantages of the triple bowl.  

As a cleaning sink. Place the pots and pans to soak in one partition. Put the delicate dishes such as your china or your crystal into the other partition. Now use the middle partition for rinsing off whatever you are cleaning at the moment.

As a cooking sink. Drain cooked vegetables or pasta on one side. Wash other fruits and vegetables on the other side. You still have the third partition available for any other task. The more things you need to do in your kitchen at once, the more valuable the triple bowl becomes.

Always remember, the next best thing to scoring a home run is getting a triple.

Kohler Triple Sink  Elkay Triple Sink  Dawn Triple Sink

Whitehaus Triple Sink  Blanco Triple Sink

Kindred Triple Bowl


Triple Sink

Triple Sink