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How to choose a tub faucet

Tub Faucet Buying Guide

Purchasing a Tub Faucet must be done with more care than purchasing an ordinary faucet. You must realize that a tub faucet is most likely to be installed into the wall and will require a lot of labor to replace. That makes it extremely important that you buy the highest quality tub faucets that will last a long time and operate smoothly and reliably. It’s going to cost a lot of money if you need to replace it.

If you are buying a tub faucet / shower faucet set, understand that the actual working part of the tub and shower faucets are the valves that install behind the wall. Once the wall is closed, you shouldn’t be seeing them again but the valve must be of the highest quality possible. Amazingly, it doesn’t really cost much, so get the best valve that works with the faucet you’ve chosen. Ceramic valves are great.

Tub Faucet With Diverter For Shower

If the tub faucet will also control the flow and temperature of the shower, you will also need a diverter. For those non experts, the diverter is the thingamajig button you pull on that makes the water travel up to the shower instead. It is most often built into the tub spout. Activate it and it blocks the water flow to the tub spout, forcing the water to travel up the risers behind the wall and out of the showerhead.

Kohler Tub and shower set with diverter

Kohler Tub spout with diverter for shower

This is a typical trim kit so

Valve is separate


Free Standing Tub Faucets

If you’re buying faucets for a free standing or clawfoot tub, you may want to look into floor mounted fixtures. These are really beautiful and they give the bathroom a stunning look. The floor risers for these faucets come in all kinds of finishes that are designed to impress and beautify your bathroom environment. You’ll feel like you’re in a luxury spa every time you pamper yourself in the tub. Many clawfoot tub fixtures feature personal sprays as well. These are great for soaking tubs as well.

Elizabethan Classics EcfSS05CP

                    hansgrohe deck mount tub filler

Elizabethan Classics      Hansgrohe Deck

Floor Mount Free              Mount or Roman Tub Faucet

Standing Tub                    With Personal

Filler                                    Sprayer

Roman Mount Faucets, also known as deck mounted tub faucets, mount on the deck of the tub, rather than on the wall. This is an extremely popular style so when you buy your tub consider one with a roman mount or deck mount faucet option.

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Aquabrass Wall mount tub faucet

Aquabrass wall mount with personal sprayer Elizebethan classics wall mount

Roman tub deck mount faucet





From Left; Aquabrass wall mounted tub faucet, Aquabrass wall mount with personal sprayer, Elizabethan Classics wall mount, Roman tub faucet.

Aquabrass very popular Swan faucets   Tub Faucets of All types   Tub Spouts

Hansgrohe Tub Faucets   Floor Mount Tub faucets 

Deck Mount Roman Tub faucets


Tub Faucets -Tub Faucet Buying Guide

How to choose a tub faucet