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Tub and shower faucets

How to choose tub shower faucets.

Tub and shower faucets have come a long way from the old days. Choosing tub shower faucets now requires a little planning and knowledge. The kind of tub you have will have a lot to do with the tub and shower faucets you will have to choose.

Do you have a free standing tub  model or a Clawfoot tub? You probably want a floor mount faucet to maintain the beauty of the clawfoot tub. There are two basic types of floor mount faucets. Type one is for  free standing tub models with holes in the tub. Type two is for free standing tub models with no holes in the tub.

In both cases you’re going to have floor mounted pipes and faucets either rising over the side of the tub or through the holes on the edge. Done properly these faucets are inspiring works of art. Hansgrohe Stark Axor is one of the finest lines of free standing exposed pipe type faucets.

Roman Tub faucets. It’s a fancy name but roman tub faucets are simply tub faucets that are mounted vertically on the deck of the tub with an arch spout that turns and pours into the tub. It’s a little bit different than the wall mounted tub and shower faucets you regularly see, but then again. Roman tub faucets come in almost any style from classic to high tech.

Wall Mounted Tub and shower Faucets

The average tub in the home is known as a deck mount or apron front tub. Deck mount simply means it’s mounted on the floor and apron front means the visible side of the tub, the part that’s facing you, is finished the same way as the complete tubs. There are some nerds that don’t totally agree with my definition, but let’s ignore them. We’re keeping it simple here.

The most common tub and shower faucets are wall mounted. There are many people who install separate hot and cold water faucets for the shower and bath, but most people today choose one faucet that controls both. It’s very common to choose single handle faucets to control hot and cold water. It looks great and is very convenient.

So tub shower faucets need not be separate faucets. In fact, it’s probably an advantage to have one control for both the tub and shower.

One tub bath faucet secret you need to watch out for. After you choose the faucet you love, check the specifications. Manufacturers sell and consider many tub bath faucets as trim. That means the faucet is not complete until you buy the valve too. Valves are musts, thermostatic controls are optional.

Diverters, (usually you see them as the little button on the spout you pull up to divert the water to the shower.)  usually are included, but you must check the specifications. Always check the specification to see what’s included with your bath faucet. Of course you can always call the Décor Island expert to help you out.

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Tub shower faucets - How to Choose Tub and Shower Faucets

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