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Buying an undermount bathroom sink

How to Buy an Undermount Bathroom Sink.


Never buy an undermount bathroom sink if your vanity is made out of pressboard. To understand this fully, you need to understand the difference between top mount and undermount sinks.

Top Mount Bathroom SinkThis is a top mount bathroom sink. It’s also known as a drop in bathroom sink or a self rimming bathroom sink. The point is, it’s installed by dropping it in the hole of the vanity. The rim of the sink overlaps the vanity which is why it is a self rimming sink. What is most important is that the rim protects the vanity from water damage which allows the vanity to be made of pressboard and cheaper materials. Top mount bathroom sinks work with any quality of counter.


This is an example of a bathroom undermount bathroom sink installation. Notice that there is no rim on an undermount  bathroom sink so the countertop has to be high quality and able to resist water. A granite or composite countertop like this one is ideal match for an undermount bathroom sink.


You get the idea. Undermount bathroom sinks are designed for better countertops and have a lot cleaner look than the average bathroom sink. Of course they come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Because bathroom sinks have less use than regular kitchen sinks you’ll find a lot more people buying things like hammered copper bathroom sinks, bronze bathroom sinks and mosaic bathroom sinks. These materials need tender loving care. As kitchen sinks you would have to be extremely careful with these materials but bathroom sinks never have to put up with the wear and tear of washing dishes in them.

undermount bathroom sink - linkasink

undermount bathroom sink - linkasink nicel

undermount bathroom sink - linkasink tiled





From left to right; Undermount bathroom sink from linkasink (4 pictures)


So it’s really easy to enjoy great looks in your bathroom. (we’re speaking of bathroom sinks here, you can always have great looks in the bathroom by looking at your mirror.) So enjoy your bathroom. Some of us spend a lot of time in it. The line to use my bathroom starts at 6:30 am so I love the idea of a nice bathroom counter and an even nicer under mount bathroom sink.

Here are some pictures of a range of bathroom sink options to stimulate your imagination and creative spirit. Dive in and spend the time to explore your options.

Here are some under mount bathroom sinks for you to explore.



Kohler English Trellis design under mount bathroom sink


A polished nickel really nice mosaic undermount bathroom sink


Hammered copper bathroom sinks


A spectacular collection of mosaic bathroom sinks. Some of them are undermount bathroom sinks. All of them must be seen.




Undermount Bathroom Sink

Buying an undermount bathroom sink