Undermount Kitchen Sink

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Undermount Kitchen Sink

Why Install an Undermount Style Sink for Your Kitchen?

Why install an undermount as opposed to a drop in or top mounted kitchen sink? The number one reason is the sleek and classy great looks you get from the undermount style. The undermount installation is the number one preferred sink installation for granite, marble, engineered stone or any really solid countertop. It’s not a good idea for weaker pressboard like countertops.

The undermount has become the standard method of installation for higher quality countertops. When you have a beautiful countertop, you want people to appreciate it and an undermount installation allows more of that countertop to show. Professional kitchen designers will always specify an undermount installation for the kitchen sink.

Undermount sink

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Will an undermount installation separate from the countertop?

Separation will never happen if it’s installed properly. Modern undermount installation specifies using high strength epoxy and silicone bonding agents in addition to the undermounting hardware. These bonding agents give a weld like bond that will never separate. Any experienced installer who knows to keep the surfaces clean and give the epoxy enough time to cure will end up with an installation that will last a lifetime.

Undermount installation has become so common that most contractors and plumbers have plenty of experience with it. So you need only to worry about how great that sink will look and if you want a single or double bowl version. Many high line sinks can be mounted both as top mount and/or bottom mount so check carefully as the installation instructions may be different depending on how you mount the sink.

So get that great undermount sink for your kitchen. Take pleasure in the great looks and the great performance you’ll have for many years to come.


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