Undermount Stainless sink

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Undermount Stainless sink

Why Buy an Undermount Stainless Sink?

An undermount stainless sink is the choice to go with if you want the advantages of stainless steel and you have a beautiful countertop. The rim of a top mount sink will cover quite a bit of that expensive and beautiful granite or marble countertop. Pay all that money and then cover it? Any kitchen designer knows, get an undermount stainless sink and show the countertop to its best advantage.

Do not use an undermount stainless sink in installations where the countertop is made of pressboard or Formica like materials. These cheaper materials may not be able to bear the weight and maintain the seals of an undermount sink. An undermount stainless sink can easily be installed with granite countertops, marble, quartz, manmade stone and quality woods.

Why stainless?  Stainless steel is the number one choice for people who choose sinks of any kind. Stain resistant, scratch resistant and able to keep its new look for a lifetime is the hallmark of an undermount stainless sink.


undermount stainless sink

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Left to Right; Undermount stainless sink Kohler quarter round, Lansen undermount stainless sink double bowl, KWC double bowl undermount stainless sink, Dawn Undermount stainless

If you’re matching an undermount stainless sink to a high quality countertop (that’s the whole idea.) make sure the sink you buy is high quality too. Make sure the stainless steel is thick. Check the specifications for the gauge of the steel. Gauge is measured in the opposite way that is logical for most people. 16 gauge is much thicker than 24 gauge. Most great quality sinks will be 16 gauge models.

Decorisland.com carries only top quality manufacturers. Franke is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel sinks in the world. Blanco, Houzer and Kohler have won competitions for sink design so it’s worth to browse through their line as well. Elkay, Lansen (premium line) and Kindred have some great lines too.

When it really comes down to it, there are enough choices in undermount stainless sinks that you can get anything you love.


Dawn Undermount Stainless Sink   Elkay Undermount Stainless

Lansen Undermount Stainless   Houzer Undermount Stainless

Franke Undermount Stainless Sink

Blanco Undermount stainless sink

KWC Undermount stainless sink

KWC Undermount Stainless Sink




Undermount Stainless sink

Undermount Stainless sink