Vessel sinks - The sink vessel or vessel sink

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Vessel sinks

Description – Choosing a sink vessel or vessel sink

Buying a sink vessel or vessel sink.

The sink vessel aka vessel sink of choice in many homes for the lavatory.  Some manufacturers interchangeably use the word basins to describe the sink vessel , so make sure you include the term basins or bathroom sink basins when searching for a vessel sink. This will open up a much wider choice of products for you to choose from.

Originally, installing a sink vessel as a bathroom sink was something you would only know about if you had a designer work on your bathroom. Designers were clearly the first to appreciate the beauty and functionality of the sink vessel. Today, basins and lavatory vessel sinks are available in all price ranges and you don’t need to be a designer to buy them.

Because sink vessels are small, so many bathrooms are designed with two vessel sinks or basins side by side as a his and her configuration. Besides the great looks your bathroom will have, you now have the added functionality of two people at a time being able to shave, put on makeup or brush their teeth at the same time. Kind of like multiprocessing for your bathroom. 

If you are doing new construction and your bathroom will be big enough, you should strongly consider putting two basins in your new bathroom. This will cut your family wash up rush hours in half.

Some issues you should consider with lavatory vessel sinks and basins.

If you have kids or will run lots of water in your sink vessel, you should consider purchasing a model with an overflow feature. You’ll appreciate your dry bathroom floor and the fact that your downstairs neighbor will not be angry with you. Remember that not every vessel sink comes with an overflow, so you have to look for it if you want It. This might be your contribution to peace on earth.

Vessel sinks uses and materials

You can get a lavatory vessel sink in copper, bronze, stainless steel, glass, ceramic crystal and other materials.

As you can see from the photos above, the lavatory vessel sink can come in all shapes, material and colors. You can really be as expressive and as bold as you wish


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Vessel sinks - The sink vessel or vessel sink

Vessel sinks