Warmrails towel warmer

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Warmrails towel warmer

Warmrails Towel Warmer. Warm Towels Whenever You Want.

The warmrails towel warmer is the most sought after brand in the towel warmer category. This makes sense because the warmrails towel warmer is a well made product that works as promised. You can buy a warmrails towel warmer in price ranges from extremely reasonable to top of the line.

Whichever warmrails towel warmer model you choose you can expect the following features.

Warmrails towel warmer models come in three different categories.

Warmrails towel warmer freestanding

Warmrails towel warmer Wall mount soft wire

warmrails towel warmer wall mount hard wired

The Warmrails tower warmer in three variations. From left to right; Free standing soft wired model. Wall mounted soft wired model, Wall mounted hard wired model.Note that some floor standing models can become wall mount units with an optional wall mount kit. Some wall mount units come in both soft and hard wired models.

Free Standing Warmrails Towel Warmer; These models require no installation at all. They are ideal for apartment dwellers because when you move you can just take it with you. In a home situation, you can move a free standing unit easily to a guest bathroom if you want your guests to feel really special.

Hard Wired Wall Mount Warmrails Towel Warmer; You needa professional electrician to do the hard wiring but you get a really nice and neat permanent installation. The towel warmer is solidly mounted on the wall and usually takes up a lot less space. There are also some really nice shelf type towel warmers.

Soft Wired Wall Mount Warmrails Towel Warmer; You get the advantages of the wall mount without the need for professional installation. If you’re handy enough you can attach the warmer to the wall yourself. You won’t need an electrician because all you need to do is plug it in. You get to save on the installation and still get the full use of the Warmrails towel warmer.

Not bad. Choose the Warmrails towel warmer that’s right for you today. Tell your wife or husband, you bought it for him or her. You’ll enjoy it too. That’s what’s known as collateral pleasure.

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Warmrails towel warmer

Warmrails towel warmer