What Kind of Faucet for My Kitchen?

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What Are the Best Kinds of Faucets for My Kitchen?

The best faucets for your kitchen should make your life much easier. They should be convenient to use, operate smoothly and be able to cheerfully take the daily beating and abuse the typical kitchen faucet must endure.

two handle kitchen faucetTwo handle kitchen faucets have been around from the beginning. Many people prefer the two handle faucet to the newer single control type. You set the water temperature and water flow by twisting the cold and hot water faucets. This has classically been a two handed operation.


Single control kitchen faucet pull out kitchen faucetA single control or single handle faucet allows all the flow and temperature adjustments to be done with one hand which is a lot more convenient for most people, yet there are many who prefer to stick with the styling of the two handle faucet.

Most faucets for the kitchen are sold with a sprayer accessory that allows you to aim a spray dishes you are washing or into a pot that needs filling. Some kitchen faucets come with a pull out sprayer built into the faucet head which adds even more conveniences to the faucet.

pot filler faucetI’ve seen kitchens where pot filler faucets were installed on the wall behind the cooking range and available to reach all pots on the cook top. This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in new kitchens and it’s a great addition to existing kitchens.

 A pot filler faucet allows you to fill up those large pots while they are on the range without moving them. It’s an incredible time saver and convenience especially for heavy duty cooks.

drinking faucetOf course there are so many other types of faucets for your kitchen. Consider; A drinking faucet: This is a faucet, usually installed to the right side of the kitchen faucet especially designed for dispensing drinking water.  Some drinking faucets are designed to dispense instant hot water. Some drinking faucets are sold with water filters. Other people install filters to this faucet so that it provides filtered water.

Note; Many people now believe that fluoride over long term destroys the body at the cellular level. If this is your concern, then you should connect your beverage faucet to a filter that specifically removes fluoride and use this water for both your cooking and drinking needs. It takes a special kind of filter to remove fluoride.


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What Kind of Faucet for My Kitchen?

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