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  • Manufacturer: Coway
  • Item SKU: BA-08
  • Finish: White
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  • The Coway Bidet BA08 is very stylish and was designed for your personal comfort and enhanced cleaning controls. The remote control can be mounted on either side of the Bidet Toilet Seat for easy access and is easy to clean. Some of the functions included are, heated toilet seat with temperature control, multi function spray nozzles with warm water temperature and pressure control and an air dryer with temperature control.

    There is also a button to add air to the cleaning process for enhanced cleaning. It also has an external nano silver ceramic MF filter to cleanse you with pure clean water to give you better hygiene and health. The BA08 comes in white only.

Fits most one or two piece toilets
Remote control can be mounted on the wall and left or right side of bidet
Twin spray nozzles for front and back side cleaning
5 levels of nozzle positioning for greater control
Move function that pushes the nozzle back and forth
Three different water stream widths
Water temperature and pressure adjustment
Air bubbles function for improved cleaning and 50% water savings
Self diagnosis function
Toilet seat has three temperature settings
Three levels of air drying temperature
Self-cleaning spray nozzles and manual clean function
Auto cleansing button to automatically clean and dry
Soft close hydraulic toilet seat and lid
Nano silver ceramic MF filter
Anti-bacterial plastic, nozzle and nozzle tip
Very easy to install
All Plumbing connection part included
One-year limited warranty
  • Manufacturer: Coway
  • Item SKU: BA-08
  • Finish: White
  • Collection:

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