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Do you want to put a bathroom where conventional plumbing makes it difficult or even impossible? Then you need a Saniflo with its unique macerating system. Use that wasted space in the basement, under the stairs, even in a bedroom closet, without breaking the floor (or the bank). An extra bath, shower or powder room can fit in small spaces and increase the value of your house.
  • Manufacturer: Saniflo
  • Item SKU: 013-003-005
  • Finish: White
  • Collection: Sanibest

  • While most of our products are basically shredders, the Sanibest incorporates
    an actual grinder system. The Sanibest is ideal for situations where you do not
    control the use of it; i.e. rental unit, offices, warehouses, etc. Sanibest is
    designed to deal with sanitary articles that may have been flushed down the
    toilet by accident. It can be used with a round bowl or elongated bowl. Note: in
    commercial installations Code requires an elongated bowl.
    Sanibest is a system that is used to install a complete bathroom up to 18 feet
    below the sewer line, or even up to 150 feet away from a soil stack. The toilet
    uses only 1.6 USG (6 litres) of water per flush. The Sanibest is simplicity
    itself to install; there are just four connections.

    The macerating pump is connected to the spigot of a SANIFLO rear discharge

    The toilet tank is connected to water supply.

    The macerating pump is connected to small diameter discharge pipe work.

    The macerating pump is connected to electrical supply.
    The Sanibest macerating system is comprised of a pressure chamber, which starts
    and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the stainless steel macerator
    blades and pump. To learn more about the macerating process please refer to What
    is a macerator? A normal operating cycle for Sanibest takes about 10-20 seconds
    depending upon the discharge pipe run configuration; power consumption is
    therefore minimal.
    In addition to the toilet waste, Sanibest will also discharge gray wastewater
    from a variety of other sanitary fixtures, such as: a sink, a bath, a bidet, a
    urinal and even a clothes washer (Note: washing machine must drain to a laundry
    sink or tub first). When adding a bathtub or shower, a base will have to be
    constructed made out of 2" x 6" on edge (or 2" x 8" is recommended, if you have
    sufficient headroom). This allows for the installation of a P-trap and some
    gravity flow towards the pump unit.
    Wastewater from other fixtures is discharged into Sanibest via two 11/2-inch
    inlets, on either side of the housing. Either one or both inlets can be used as
    required. The discharge elbow on top of the Sanibest can be turned either to the
    left or to the right, depending on the discharge installation.
    Sanibest automatically adjusts the input rate from other fixtures, always giving
    priority to the discharge water of the toilet. Inlet valves operated by a simple
    float mechanism achieve this. For example, if the bath is being emptied and the
    toilet is flushed simultaneously, the inrush of water from the toilet into the
    container slows down or stops the discharge from other fixtures for a few
    seconds, until the waste from the toilet has been dealt with. As the toilet
    water is discharged, the level in the container goes down, the float valves open
    and the discharge from other fixtures resumes.
    The Sanibest is designed to provide vertical pumping up to 18 feet as well as a
    horizontal discharge, therefore a simple ball non-return valve is incorporated.
    This allows you to install a complete bathroom where previously this would have
    been impossible or where considerable capital equipment and structural work
    would have been necessary.

    Motor RPM 3600
    Horsepower 0.8
    Electrical Supply 110-115Hz
    Flow rate at max head USG / MIN  at 18ft:14 usg/min; 3ft:27 usg
    Amperage  9.0
    Discharge Pipe Diameter 3/4 in
    Vertical Discharge 18 ft
    Horizontal Discharge 150 ft
    Gravity fall on horizontal installations 1/4 in per ft
    Normal Running Time WC 10-15 seconds
    Maximum Temperature 104 degreeF
    Water Consumption 1.6 US gal
    Dimensions (measured from floor level) H 103/4 in x W21in x D7in


    This Saniflo Sanibest system includes:

    Grinder Unit: Model# 013

    Round Toilet Bowl: Model# 003

    Toilet Tank: Model# 005


This Saniflo Sanbest system includes:
Grinder Unit: Model# 013
Round Toilet Bowl: Model# 003
Toilet Tank: Model# 005
Motor RPM: 3600
Horsepower: 0.8
Electrical Supply: 110-115Hz
Flow rate at max head USG / MIN: at 18ft:14 usg/min; 3ft:27 usg
Amperage 9.0
Discharge Pipe Diameter: 3/4 in
Vertical Discharge: 18 ft
Horizontal Discharge: 150 ft
Gravity fall on horizontal installations: 1/4 in per ft
Normal Running Time WC: 10-15 seconds
Maximum Temperature: 104 degreeF
Water Consumption: 1.6 US gal
Dimensions (measured from floor level): H 103/4 in x W21in x D7in
  • Manufacturer: Saniflo
  • Item SKU: 013-003-005
  • Finish: White
  • Collection: Sanibest

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