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  • Manufacturer: SLOAN
  • Item SKU: 3370420
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Collection:
Exposed Diaphram Type Sensor Flushometer
Dual Flush System Reduces Water Use by up to 30%
Diaphram, Stop Seat, and Vacuum Breaker Made from Chloramine Resistant PERMEX
Override Button
Hardwired Flush Valve
Sensor Adjustment Screw
Vandal Resistant Stop Cap
High Copper Low Zinc Brass Casting for Increased resistance toward Dezincification
Fixed Metering and no Extermal Volume Adjustment to Ensure Water Conservation
High Efficiency Toilet
Sloan ECOS 111-1.6/1.1 Exposed Hardwired Sensor Activated ECOS Dual Flush Water Closet Flush Valve with Smart Sense. The Sloan ECOS 111-1.6/1.1 uses a Multiple-Focused Infrared Beam for High and Low Targets that Detects User Presence and Duration and Determines the Appropriate Flush Volume, Conserving Upto 30% Per Flush. The Sloan ECOS 111-1.6/1.1 Also Features Manual Flush Buttons with Stright forward Graphis to Indicate which button corresonds to the 1.6 and 1.1 Gallon Flushes. The Sloan ECOS 111-1.6/1.1 is Constructed with High Copper and Low Zinc for increased resistance to Dezincification, the Diaphram, Stop Seat and Vacuum Breaker Are Molded from PERMEX to Resist Chloramine. The Sloan ECOS 111-1.6/1.1 also Features a 3 second flush delay, a Free Spinning Vandal Resistant Stop Cap, and an Adjustable Range Sensor. The Sloan ECOS 111-1.6/1.1 Complies with the Requirements of the ADA
  • Manufacturer: SLOAN
  • Item SKU: 3370420
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Collection:

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